Starting in 2004, I began exploring my post-Burning Man reactions and feelings through Danceteria.  My own private decompression, I’d guess you’d say.  I called these episodes of the podcast ‘HeartBurn’, a name with multiple meanings and connotations, all of which apply to my overall feelings about Burning Man. As you’ll hear, I hope anyway, not everything was “love and light”.  No matter how hard you try to keep things free of drama or conflict, even if trying means simply ignoring the problem, things happen.  So, among all the good and wonderful things that Burning Man is, there is darkness and hurt, and that mix is reflected in these collections.
For clarification’s sake, “HeartBurn 4.5” is from the year I came very close to going, but at the last minute couldn’t make it.  The year before, I mixed a collection that was intended to be played while waiting with thousands of your best friends in line to enter Black Rock City, “HeartBurn / On the Playa”.
Discopolis will have it’s own ‘HeartBurn’ soon, but until then, please enjoy these humble offerings.


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