Donna Summer

It’s very difficult to quantify the impact Donna Summer has had on my life.  I was introduced to her through my mother, who was a fan of Barbra Streisand. When “No More Tears” hit the radio waves, I had to hear more from the sultry voiced Ms. Summer, so I immediately went out and bought Bad Girls. I was blown away. This was my first time ever hearing an album that was mixed non-stop, three of the four sides (yeah, sides. Remember them? On vinyl?) were beat-mixed masterpieces of production and song craft. (Side 3 of the double album was a collection of ballads). I wore out that album. But it was when I decided to go back and buy Ms. Summer’s back catalog that I discovered “I Feel Love”, and there was no turning back. It was her voice that drew me in. It was Giorgio Moroder’s production that kept my attention, kept me enthralled.

I had been planning to mix a tribute to Donna Summer for a long time. When she passed away in 2012, I couldn’t help but think of my mother, who had passed a year earlier. I picked the songs, made some painful cuts, found some rarely heard or forgotten gems. I think my Mom would have liked this mix. She always enjoyed Ms. Summer’s voice. So, I dedicate this tribute to Donna Summer to my mother, Jackie.

Proemio [I Feel Love (DiscoPup’s aCappella Reworx)]
Dim All the Lights (Extended Version)
Journey to the Center of Your Heart
This Time I Know it’s for Real (12″ Extended Remix)
Love to Love You Baby (Part 1)
State of Independence
Love to Love You Baby (Part 2)
Fame [The Game] (Dan Chase Full Vocal)
Our Love (DiscoPup’s Lunedi Blü Reworx)
To Paris with Love (Mendy Club Mix)
I Love You (DiscoPup Goes with the Flow Reworx)
Carry On (12″ Definitive Mix)
Con te Partiró (DiscoPup’s Italian Hex Reworx)
There Will Always Be a You
MacArthur Park Suite

  • MacArthur Park
  • One of a Kind
  • Heaven Knows
  • MacArthur Park (Reprise)

I’m a Rainbow
Friends Unknown
Last Dance
Scioglimento (All Through the Night)


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