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I began spinning music waaaay back in the mid-1980s in his native New Orleans, but had to give it up when life interrupted the party. When the DJ bug bit again, it was 2003, and the following year, after a trip to Burning Man, I took on the moniker DiscoPup. I am the quintessential desktop DJ, constructing the mixes, sometimes literally, beat by beat. Nothing on the fly, almost nothing happens by accident. Everything you hear is on purpose, put there for a reason.

Since 2003 I have published a podcast under the name Danceteria, select episodes of which you can find elsewhere on this site. But in 2012, I decided it was time to step out of the storefront and into the city, Discopolis. There will be differences between the two podcasts. The most obvious one will be the absence of the host segments that had opened and closed each Danceteria. But like Danceteria, Discopolis will rarely be genre-specific, but will reflect my personal tastes in dance music, disco – house – trance, with occasional dips into chill spaces, and reaches way back into the deep bins to trot out a classic. Like before, Discopolis is built specifically to be listened to with earphones. Chapters, with cover art, are imbedded into the podcast, so you can easily skip ahead to your favorite track, or skip over one you don’t particularly care for. In iTunes, be sure to have your artwork window open, cover art for the podcast and individual tracks will appear there, as well as a link to purchase that track, when possible.

I’ve kept the DiscoPup moniker just to keep things consistent, but if you need to contact me, or if we ever meet, you can just call me Disco.

Enjoy this journey with me through the streets of Discopolis.

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