I’m late to the party, and this took longer than expected to compile and mix, but this is my contribution to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Watching the moon landing, wrapped in a blanket, sitting on my grandfather’s linoleum floor, on his brand new color TV is among my earliest memories. Peppered throughout this mix are snippets of official NASA audio, from launch to landing to splashdown. It features music from Todd Douglas Miller’s remarkable documentary, Apollo 11, by Matt Morton, and Brian Eno’s classic ambient album Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks.

Countdown / Liftoff and Staging – Matt Morton
Space Travel – Alex Sheronov
Apollo 11 – Matador & ARTBAT
—Signals – Brian Eno
Your Next Station (Extended Mix) – Dosem
Rocket – AxeLara
—Under Stars II – Brian Eno
To the Stars (Praveen Achary Remix) – GMJ & Matter
Sky – Hanz (MX)
Journey – George Pearson
—Drift – Brian Eno
Different Planets – (Bobby Analog Remix) Makez
From the Earth (Breakfast Remix) – Andrew Bayer
Atmosphere – Alex Sheronov
Ticket To The Moon – Electric Light Orchestra
Only One Sky – Spacetime Continuum
Multiverse – GMJ
—Waking Up – Brian Eno
Stardust (GMJ & Matter Remix) – David Leckenby
Buzz (Buzztalk Mix) – Tranquility Base
Moon Dust (Original Mix) – Nitrous Oxide & Adam Nickey
We Landed on the Moon – Matt Morton
At the Foot of a Ladder – Brian Eno
Moonlight – Sunny Lax
Exploration Of Space (Grum Extended Remix) – Cosmic Gate
Steal the Moon (Extended Mix) – DubVision
Transearth Injection – Matt Morton
Pacific – Oliver Smith
Homecoming (Edit) – Above & Beyond
Under the Moon – Brian Eno

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